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One cannot observe nature without concluding that some principles direct or govern its various parts or faculties, their systems, processes, sequences and results. The process of life seems to depend on some form of orderly governance, that may easily be extinguished, whilst inanimate artefacts like rocks can lie about for centuries without action and seemingly without change. So this study begins with nature's principles and the background fundamentals of Natural law. 

Right to Life

Mans right to life is irrefutably inherent within the nature of his being. The source of Man’s ‘rights’ is not divine law or congressional law therefore, but the Law of Identity. Man is Man and his nature is his nature.

Man’s nature is the starting point for the study of natural laws pertaining to mankind. These are described in my book Law from Within

Twenty natural laws have been identified and are fully described.  They are the … 

1 Natural Law of Identity

2 Natural Law of Causality

3 Natural Law of Independence4 Natural Law of Equality

5 Natural Law of Integrity

6 Natural Law of Individual Rights

7 Natural Law of Free Will

8 Natural Law of Commitment

9 Natural Law of Allowance

10 Natural Law of Respect

11 Natural Law of Reciprocity

12 Natural Law of Right Reason

13 Natural Law of Efficacy

14 Natural Law of Ethics

15 Natural Law of Morality

16 Natural Law of Cooperative Enterprise

17 Natural Law of No Trespass

18 Natural Law of Just Consequence

19 Natural Law of Forceful arrest

20 Natural Law of Justice

Thereafter, the Constitution of Man and Commission of Justice fall naturally into place. 

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Maxims of Natural law

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