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In his treatise The Lawful and the Legal Frank van Dun, Philosopher of Law, writes…

The word ‘law’ means order, hence Natural Law is simply the natural order. In the sense in which Natural Law is relevant to jurists, it is the natural order of persons -- specifically, the order of natural persons: human beings that are capable of rational, purposive action, speech and thought. In short, Natural Law is the natural order of the human world.

Laws are patterns of order. Hence, Natural Laws are patterns of natural order -- and, in the juristically relevant sense, patterns of order among natural persons. —Frank van Dun

Please note that in all van Dun’s extensive writings on the subject of Natural Law, Natural persons are distinctly separate from artificial persons, which are those of statues or legislation within legal systems, i.e. positive law. Accordingly, natural persons are always living human beings born of nature, despite any legislated law that claims otherwise. 

Most people commonly use Natural Law without realising it. They make order, or orderliness, a daily practice because they understand its effectiveness and efficiencies. Sadly they cannot grasp the societal fullness of what it offers because Man-made rules and legalities interfere. Moreover universal belief in the validity of legalities and legal practices, including their believed necessity, prevents Mans present mindset from knowing that Natural Laws actually exist.

There is a profound difference between statute laws and Natural Laws. Statutes are artificially instituted for population control, ostensibly for the citizens benefit. Natural laws are the opportunity to master oneself as Creator intentioned for Man.

If Man is to overcome the social mindset that ranks mass subservience higher than independence, it becomes very important to learn and practice the object of Natural Law, its ethics, morality, and justice. Whether one applies conscious thought to any action or not, Natural Laws will affect the outcome. Consequently Man’s nature offers the only referral base enabling scientific study of Natural Law, including for its presentation, application and education.

Natural Law underpins the Constitution of Man and the Commission of Justice on this website. 

Principles of natural law – Principlia Ius Naturale

My new book concering the principles of natural law is now with the publisher. This book describes that every moral tenet that Man could ever need in his personal, societal and business dealings, has been modelled by Creator within Mans very own nature and being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I’ve no doubt that your perceptions of law, and natural law most particularly, will ascend to heights you've never dreamed possible. 

Ken Bartle

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