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Ken Bartle is the researcher and editor of the Naturale Law  website, including its publications and articles.   He writes on the many aspects of truth, freedom, individual rights , natural law, natural justice, and Mans conscious processes.

Prompted by decades of study into Objectivist philosophy he concluded that government could never adjudicate natural law and natural justice, because every law that it wrote would at some point override someone’s free will. Government could never satisfy, majority consensus or otherwise. His first work on this website was the Declaration of Individual Rights as articles 1 & 2 in the Constitution of Man 

His proposal for a Commission of Justice offers an alternative to government. Alerted to the work of Larken Rose, Mark Passio, the works of Frank van Dun - Philosopher of Law, and others, Ken's explanations of Natural Law continue to develop and enlighten. Setting out to explore Mans mental faculties as the inherent origins of natural law, his new book Law from within challenges ‘human science’ orthodoxy like no other. 

New work will focus on Mans inherent and immutable natural laws, as Creator’s model for Mans societal laws, in a manner never before published. Equally as groundbreaking as the stone tablets deliver by Moses, and the Declaration of Independence written for Mans deliverance, Mans mind, spirituality, ethics and morality are taking on a whole new meaning. 

Ken pursues this study based on its great promise for Mankind. 


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