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Freedom, Prosperity and Justice for every 

man, woman, and child on earth

Man’s life has been wrenched from his grasp. Rulers, monarchs, dictators, governments, legal institutions and religious theologies have built layer upon layer of deception to control living human beings and especially the mind of Man to their advantage. This evil assault has lasted for centuries and we all are its victim. So evil is this assault, and so devastatingly effective, it forbids everything but our agreed subservience to state control of every aspect of our life, even in what we call free societies.

It’s root is best summed by the phrase “Man is a social animal.” This idea is accepted by most without question, and endorsed by most every anthropologist, theologian, psychologist, political leader and philosopher, even including today’s new-age disciples.

Our so called leaders that we refer to as government, parasite off the human race while most remain oblivious of their evil intent. Their control methods are so encompassing that most people never so much as glimpse what life can and might be if that condition were to be removed. Thus most people are blind to political evil, and what might otherwise be, while political leaders will do all to maintain mass ignorance to ensure their power is maintained.

A growing number of humans are reportedly awakening to this theatre of illusion, its secrets, lies, fraudulence, slavery and endless wars. Sadly or tragically, their awakening knowledge of evil does not automatically prescribe what must be done to eradicate it. What really is feared most by psychopathic controllers is not your awakening to their evil, but your certain knowledge of what could and should end it!

When you reach this understanding, their game is up, and they know it! Your knowledge would smash conflicts, tyranny, wars and slavery overnight, utterly destroy their money thieving empire and their control of humankind. It would free every moment of your life, smash your emotional traumas to shreds, and turn mental education on its head.

You would awaken to a free society the likes of which you’ve never imagined. Given the present state of Man’s indoctrinations and mind control methods however, you will not so much as glimpse it unless and until its core foundation is understood. You will never truly wake up until you grasp that Creator endowed every living human being with natural laws that govern his physiological and mental functions, and that these laws, written into every fibre of his being, are opposed by every man-made law ever written in support of the state at your expense.

The enormity of this revelation is truly staggering! Natural laws governing Mans physiological and mental functions written within his being are directly translatable into Mans societies verbatim. All contrary is their violation! These natural laws are Creator’s personal invitation to live the fullest, most beautiful and bountiful life that you can. They are for your guidance, your fulfilment, your advantage and protection, your understanding and your most blessed joy.

Not one of them commands! None instruct! None overrule your free will, indeed one expressly exists to guarantee your free will! Another guarantees that infants can progress with the same acumen as adults despite having no science, no math and no language!

Creator’s endowments have existed from the dawn of Man, but their invitation to truly live has never been explained before. Creator wrote these laws into your being expressly so that you could discover them, more importantly that no one could overrule them. Creator left nothing to chance, but indeed guaranteed that you could exercise every chance. Man’s evil was to spit in Creators face, deny your freedom and rule your free will backed by force. 

Countless millions around the world long for a free society, yet they cannot escape from the conglomerate mindset that postures all Mans advancements in societal terms. They’re trapped, fully conditioned to think from a social mindset because that’s all they’ve been taught. They cannot find independence because society is of the state and its governance. They are filled with the desire for a better world, yet are checkmated at every move by the insidious and erroneous notion that Man is a social animal.

Do you believe in a better world? Do you feel checkmated, denied, deprived of your full potential? If you’ve witnessed boundless enthusiasm for life, unstoppable energy, passionate exuberance and unquenchable vitality in any young child, and who has not, now’s the time to question and challenge every single thing that knocked those wondrous abilities and joys out of the engine room of your life!

That is what this website is about.

You’ve never been taught that natural laws invite, and never command. This website does.Book, Law From Within – Principles of Natural law. My book concerns the principles of natural law, their origins and their blessings including justice and spirituality. 

This website also

  • Offers a Constitution of Man, including a Declaration of Individual Rights.
  • Offers a Commission of Justice in place of government.
  • Projects a joyful and convivial society based on individual rights and natural laws in its place.
  • Enables you to reclaim your life on Creator’s terms. 

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