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Why Weren't You Taught the Facts of Life?

Tender infants can program their subconscious mind, but cannot speak, read, or write. Why does science says adults can't do that, yet reading of these words proves that they can. What have you not been taught, and why?

Many proclaim that people are awakening, raising their consciousness, their vibrations, or tuning to their energies. “You can't make this stuff up,” they say. They’re right! The ‘stuff-up,’ was made centuries ago. Bogus philosophies, ideologies and mystical theologies have wrought a devastating toll. Centuries overdue a mental and moral kick where it hurts, now’s time to truly understand what makes life, and living!

Think. If 100 trillion cells in your body were individuals, all contributing to a society called, ‘my life,’ what better model could exist for societies world-wide? If all your valued desires are upheld by a process given to your achievement, even reporting your progress, wouldn't you want to know how to perfect it; how to capture its potential for undreamt benefits? Forget millions of law books scattered world-wide. Think instead of just twenty natural laws, written by Creator into your very nature; unable to be erased! None command. None instruct. All offer a free, moral, and just society, never dreamt!

Who teaches that emotions are Creators gift of a mentoring faculty, and how free will relates to the subconscious mind? How is it governed to always remains free, and how do the six higher faculties of the mind work in sequence? Why are you blessed with imagination, how does instinct work, and why are language and concepts so vitally important? Does justice uphold you, or the state? Why is this science of the mind, this science of ethics and morality not taught?

Is it because free people cannot be ruled like herd animals? Your life, proves every natural law that ‘authority’ forbids, reason why you’re kept in the dark like a mushroom, and fed BS.

Years of research here challenges human and social sciences, all tried and found wanting. It’s time to come to our senses and trash the social animal mindset; be free of unceasing bloodshed, servility, slavery, tyranny, and murder. This astounding new expose of Man’s nature, emotions, ethics, morality, justice and natural law is unlike anything ever presented.

Creator offered Man a bountiful future, that so far is undeserved and undiscovered. No more! Now it’s for you and your children; here in your hands.


Please listen to this (you tube) audio (56 mins)  It concerns the concept of Natural Law and Natural Rights, an excerpt from "The Ethics of Liberty" by Murray N. Rothbard) This material parallels my work very closely, similarities are remarkable.  


Otherwise,work continues: This expose began nearly 5 years ago, during which time dictatorial government has increased and so has my grasp of natural law and Man’s nature. Both underscore the importance of this work. Unlike many written works, blogs or even webinars, my message is not simply an advancement of mankind, commonly expressed as the raising of one’s consciousness or vibrations.  Rather it seriously challenges the foundation upon which all such postures are based. Human science is challenged across the board. Positive law is challenged. Natural law is explained as never before.

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