Preface to the Constitution

The founding premises of this Constitution and this website are those pertaining to Man, Natural Law and Individual Rights.

 Natural Law of the human world is immutable, offering a sound basis for examination of Man and his societal relationships, including unalienable and inalienable rights. 

This website is offered to stimulate public awareness and conscious contribution toward Mans intellectual, physical, financial, and even spiritual emancipation. This can only be achieved by conceptual means, because natural law determines that 'volitional consciousness' is mans “operating system.” Mans perceptual faculties, although vitally important, are singularly inadequate for this task. 

Man is at the crossroads of his whole history. He is awakening to new horizons and understanding many lies that have led to wars and tyranny throughout his history.  His task is monumental in the sense of revising core tenets, yet minuscule in the sense that millions of law books can be trashed in favour of law that emanates from each Living Being, in a form not written at all. 

The immutable 'Nature of Man’ is future’s proper foundation. That is not to say that all in this website is perfect, rather that if something is omitted, should be deleted or amended, such alteration is legitimate and welcome provided it is based on those referential terms and none other. Your contribution or offering to this cause is welcome.

Change of this order requires that Man grasp the fullness of his nature, practice its freedoms, and its laws, reciprocally within the rights of all others, and do what is necessary to protect the right to his own life in perpetuity. 

Individual Rights are those pertaining to single, separate, independent living human beings (ILB). Note that this website utterly rejects the Australian Interpretations Act (1901), statement that ‘Individual’ means a ‘Natural Person’ See Definitions, and the Private Declaration of Independence.

The "Constitution of Man” document described below offers a radical alternative to government, premised on Individual Rights, according to the nature of Man.

The ‘Declaration of Individual Rights’ is the first 2 articles in the ‘Constitution of Man’,  written not for a country, or a state, or an empire, but for you. Your race, creed, colour, religious persuasion, language, sexual orientation or culture matters not. The Constitution of Man truly is ‘of’ man. It is of Mans nature, Mans body, Mans faculties, Mans free will, Mans consciousness, mind, body and soul, his unalienable rights, and it belongs to you equally as to every human living today in any place, and those yet to be born.  

This website offers the "Declaration of Individual Rights". It offers a "Constitution of Man"; not a ‘constitution' for Man. It offers a "Commission of Justice" to ensure Mans rights are never again violated. Various explanatory Notes pages, describe the fundament premises that underscore the whole website. See Student of Mind’ and (Part two) ‘Mastering Consciousness,’ in addition. 

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