Commission of Justice

These pages describe proposals for a commissiuon of Justice, as put forward in my book Law from Within.

Welcome to the ‘Commission of Justice’

The 'Commission of Justice' (CoJ) is my title for a body of people 'commissioned' by Man to ensure that 'justice of man' is preserved in the jurisdiction or locality of their abode. The 'Commission of Justice’ is intentioned to replace Government. Its purpose is to protect and uphold Individual Rights, and to protect against harm initiated by others.

The reason, purpose and need for such a Commission is established in the section, Natural Law on this website, all underpinned by the Constitution of Man, (CoM). The proposed 'Commission of Justice', unfolds in this section of the website, but please note that finite operational logistics and structure, are not included.

No Government

Governments have succeeded in protecting themselves and their 'empire’, while miserably failing to protect man, beyond the necessary for upholding and preserving 'society by company'. Government cannot exist without exercising authority, necessarily violating free will and every individual’s unalienable right to his/her own life. Government is thereby unjust and unlawful. In place thereof is proposed the …

'Commission of Justice'

The 'Commission of Justice' is  based on natural law and the Constitution of ManArticles and publications are offered in support. 

The fundamental premise is that no prescription may overrule the individuality of Man, his life, or his individual right to it. (Declaration of Individual Rights, Articles 1 - 9 in the Constitution of Man

Since there can be no government authority, and since dealings between individual man and women are virtuous by morality arising from their own being, and since their associative dealings are (in aggregate) what a symbiotic society is, men and women are empowered by their nature to institute a means to adjudicate and preserve (natural) justice that arises from within. 

This behooves the institution of a 'Commission of Justice’ so also to preclude any subversive form of 'other', that belligerently or fraudulently attempts to overrule justice - Mans last line of (societal) protection - now, or at any future time. 

Proposal - Part 1

Proposal - Part 1

Most people by far, understand deep within their soul that 'moral intent' and 'just' actions are "…

Proposal - Part 2

Proposal - Part 2

In proposing a Commission of Justice, ii is essential to define its prime tasks. 

Many circumstances …

Commission of Justice Charter

Commission of Justice Charter

This page is a draft document - a Charter for the Commission of Justice. It is not finitely definitive, …

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