Life with no Government

ABSTRACT: Today’s mindset cannot see past the security, comforts, and benefits of government, despite its citizens being bound into a life of slavery. Man strives for freedom, but has not yet discovered a political system without political rule. A representative body acting as public guardian of natural law, can answer people’s protection, security and natural justice, without political rule, provided that it cannot ever be usurped and transformed into government. Kritarchy and Natural Law offer the method.

Life without Fear - with protection and no government 

Chaos, turmoil, emotional trauma and destruction result from lack of true knowledge and understanding, and from a lack of wisdom. If F E A R is indeed the acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real, then truthful evidence is most needed.

Belief in the presumption that people are incompetent and incapable of managing their own lives, is the very thing that perpetuates it. Given a body of security, electively commissioned by people to protect their unalienable right to life, their body, and inalienable right to their property, and forbidden all else bar none, Mans fear of self governance vanishes; at least it should.

Life with no Government? 

Time has come for Man to redeem his unalienable right to life, smash bogus dependency and authoritative rule, eliminate fear and begin living as Creator intended, self governance prevailing.

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HelenaSmirnis· 17 weeks ago

Great Truths. Government is unravelling quickly as it shows itself for what it really is, Power Hungry Politicians that are only looking after themselves and the Huge Corporations that they do their dealing with. The System is set up so that only the most corrupt and devious Politicians get to Rule. 
l can take care of myself and my Community around me, without being controlled by the Government and having to pay Taxes that do not benefit me at all. 
l am all for NO Government. The Banking System also needs to be dismantled and a fairer one bought into place. This information once understood by people will be the turning point that awakens humanity to our true potential. How Exciting.

Ken Bartle· 17 weeks ago

How exciting indeed, Helena. Thank you sincerely. Your comment reinforces my ernest desire to expand these “Great Truths,” as you prefaced, to all of mankind. Graciously, Ken

Scott Bartle· 16 weeks ago

"No one decides justice, it just is." - Ken Bartle 
I am voting for a T-Shirt made with this quote on it. I have not seen this written before. I love it. 
The focus on Justice vs Law etc is the single concept or principle that voids thousands of pages of legal text... and good riddance to them.

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