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Articles including their comments, in this portion of the website, may be likened to a weblog, although content will not be regularly posted.  The purpose of these articles, and my publications, is to expand upon this website’s, focus, specifically, the nature of Man, human consciousness, emotions and life-values, natural law emanating therefrom, justice, individual rights, and their protection in a political context without ‘rule.’  Some articles may be sparked by the work of others, with credit given, but translated in the vein of this website and those topics just mentioned. My fervent desire is to make these subjects widely known and discussed, with the express intent of their eventual implementation. 

Man is awakening, but the extent to which he awakens will be determined by his will, to expanding his knowledge, often spoken of today as ‘raising one’s consciousness.’ Your constructive comments are invited. Please enjoy these articles, and contact me via the contact form if you have a particular topic you’d like addressed. 

Website and Comments Disclaimer

Information in this website, articles and publications, is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and no conferred rights. Readers accept that all information is taken of their own free will and at their own risk. Nothing shall be taken as fact, or as absolute. Ideas change with time and from further research, some losing former importance or reference. All information, save authored quotations, are my opinion and advice, but shall not be taken as counsel of any kind whatsoever. 

No responsibility is accepted for the use of information, advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations that may occasion injury. No information, article, publication or clause shall be taken, quoted by others, or interpreted as legal or professional advice. Readers should seek help from professional providers. No responsibility is accepted for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from a reader’s country of origin.

No personal or contact information will be sold or provided to any company or government, neither offered to any spam lists. No responsibly is accepted for the actions of advertisers or sponsors. Every right is reserved to change the focus of this website, to shut it down, or change the terms of its use (go to a paid platform).

Right to delete or amend any reader’s comment is reserved, for any reason whatsoever; abusive, profane, rude, anonymous, or off-topic – so keep comments polite and to the point, please. All rights are reserved to deal with comments as I see fit, and to use readers comments in up-coming articles or publications, anonymously cited as ”a reader comments,” or like phrasing. Please do not comment if you do not accept these terms and conditions. 


Ken Bartle

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